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Author Tom Miller, in his book, "The Panama Hat Trail," laments never being able to find a good cup of coffee in Ecuador. The book was written in the 1980s and if Tom is still around today, he should consider returning to Ecuador where finding good coffee has become a little easier.


When Miller was in Ecuador there were few coffee shops and the coffee shelves in the grocery stores were rather dull looking and stocked with low-quality coffee. Today the scene has changed dramatically. Coffee shops are scattered throughout the city and the coffee aisles are probably the most colorful sections in the grocery stores.   Organic coffees, gourmet coffees, and specialty coffees are all attractively packaged alongside the instant and freeze dried brands.


Though coffee can be enjoyed throughout the city, here we offer small coffee trail of popular places to enjoy one of Ecuador's greatest beverages or to purchase the beans to brew for yourself at home.


Café Galletti

A great coffee shop in the Mariscal District that also produces their own brands.

Carrion & Juan Leon Mera



Este Café

Also in the Mariscal, they offer café grown throughout Ecuador

Juan Leon Mera N23-94 & Wilson.




A quiet place, off the radar, but with some of the freshest and best tasting coffee in town.

Mariscal Foch E8-57 & 6 de Diciembre,



Galeria Ecuador Gourmet

More than just a coffee shop they have all the top brands of coffee in one place.

Reina Victoria N24-263 y Lizardo García

223-9469 / 255-8440


Aguila de Oro

For 60 years they have been roasting and selling coffee beans in El Centro.

Benalcazar N3-123 and Espejo

228-0523 / 260-2594


Mr. Bagel

Though not a coffee shop exclusively, they offer not just great coffee, but free refills!

Portugal E10-95 & 6 de Diciembre, 224-0978

Cordero & Tamayo, 223-9729

Ciudad Quito

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