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Galeria Gourmet: Where things that taste good meet good taste

06/Junio/2013 | 11:55

The Galeria Gourmet Ecuador is a commercial art space. Some of the art is worn, some of it savored, and all of it 100% Ecuadorean.   [...]

Ancestral medicine regains favor in Ecuador

29/Abril/2013 | 16:18

Just as many westerners have turned to alternative remedies to seek cures for whatever ails them, Ecuadoreans, too, have begun to reconsider ancestral medicine in light of changing attitudes.   [...]

Quito among nominees in World Travel Awards

29/Abril/2013 | 16:12

They are considered the Oscar Awards for travel and this year the city of Quito is one of the final nominees.   [...]

Easter Expressions & Multicultural Living

27/Marzo/2013 | 10:49

"Never think of moving abroad as a deprivation of any sort. It is the greatest gift you can give your child." ~ Cecilia Haynes   [...]

Holy week in Quito

27/Marzo/2013 | 10:45

Exhibiting its public faith in ways that are unseen in other Latin American cities, Quito is preparing for its annual rituals and festivals to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   [...]

Música Sacra: Part of Quito's Heritage

19/Marzo/2013 | 12:49

The city of Quito is once again showing how its heritage has many facets, including a centuries-old sacred musical tradition that tugs at the essence of what it means to be human.   [...]

Short Hair, Big Heart: Hair donations for kids with cancer

12/Marzo/2013 | 16:19

Unlike most people who think of how their next haircut will look, Paula Espinoza thinks about how her haircut will look on someone else.   [...]

Hands of La Ronda

22/Febrero/2013 | 12:01

The neighborhood of La Ronda is defined by traditional and heritage. This narrow, cobblestone street - filled with old taverns and restaurants, live music and entertainment - is the scene for Quito’s newest, emblematic attraction: “Manos de la Ronda” (Hands of La Ronda).   [...]

The new face of Carnival in Quito

05/Febrero/2013 | 09:33

Carnival time in Quito has acquired a new dynamic.   [...]

The Nativity of Carmen Bajo: Open Once Again

21/Diciembre/2012 | 16:11

Once again the Carmelite Nuns of Quito are opening their doors to the public to showcase their greatest artistic and cultural treasure: the baroque nativity room.   [...]

Celebrating Day of the Dead Amidst secrets unknown to the ordinary tourist

08/Noviembre/2012 | 15:24

As tourist or resident of Quito, you have likely visited Alameda Park – a small, green respite squeezed into the congestion and bustle of the capital city.   [...]

How do you rescue Ecuadorian cuisine? Find it and give it away

18/Octubre/2012 | 17:18

Do you think you know something about Ecuadorian cuisine? If you are Ecuadorian, then you know what you grew up eating, and if you are a visitor you may know what the general offer is in the city’s restaurants. But chances are you really don’t know much.   [...]