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Galeria Gourmet: Where things that taste good meet good taste

The Galeria Gourmet Ecuador is a commercial art space. Some of the art is worn, some of it savored, and all of it 100% Ecuadorean.

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Cosa Nostra: A family story written on the wall and baked in the oven

Together, the walls of Cosa Nostra are a record of how a family home became a family restaurant.

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Palmazul: So perfect is the experience, even the sun is guaranteed

In hindsight, the success of Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel and Spa seemed ordained. Its poignant location in San Clemente, a mere black dot on a coastal…

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Manos de la Ronda: Challenging the notions of artisan craft

12:11 Many people do not know the story of Colonel Harland Sanders. But they know his face. It is plastered on signs and buckets of fried chicken around the globe, including Ecuador.   [...]

Technology in higher education: Trying to keep up in the classroom

12:08 Integrating new technologies into daily life, which now includes social media and smart mobile devices, is essential and their usage in higher education is forcing professors and students to adapt their teaching and learning strategies to new realities.   [...]

Keeping up with the latest technology in Bitcoin trading

12:07 Examine the option of trading cryptocurrencies online with Crypto Superstar, which promises great rewards with little work. Check out the crypto superstar bewertung to see what other traders have to say about the product.   [...]

From hand to mouth: Tasting the delicious food from artisans in La Ronda

12:05 Virtually hidden among the cluster of rustic spaces in old town’s La Ronda district, Chef Carlos Manya prepares 45 flavors of Quito’s traditional ice cream   [...]

Ancestral medicine regains favor in Ecuador

16:18 Just as many westerners have turned to alternative remedies to seek cures for whatever ails them, Ecuadoreans, too, have begun to reconsider ancestral medicine in light of changing attitudes.   [...]

Quito among nominees in World Travel Awards

16:12 They are considered the Oscar Awards for travel and this year the city of Quito is one of the final nominees.   [...]

SUR: Re-defining the Argentine Grill

22:00 Though Sur is now the scene for events and tastings it remains true to the most important part of Argentine dining: the meat.   [...]

High tide in Ecuador: The growing popularity of surfing in Ecuador

21:57 Surfing has gained great momentum in an unexpected region of the globe: Ecuador.   [...]

Le Petit Pigalle: Same place, new faces

19:25 A young French chef marries a local Ecuadorean cook and together they run a small French restaurant on the dodgy side of the city’s tourism district. This is Le Petit Pigalle.   [...]

Easter Expressions & Multicultural Living

10:49 "Never think of moving abroad as a deprivation of any sort. It is the greatest gift you can give your child." ~ Cecilia Haynes   [...]

Holy week in Quito

10:45 Exhibiting its public faith in ways that are unseen in other Latin American cities, Quito is preparing for its annual rituals and festivals to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   [...]

Música Sacra: Part of Quito's Heritage

12:49 The city of Quito is once again showing how its heritage has many facets, including a centuries-old sacred musical tradition that tugs at the essence of what it means to be human.   [...]

On A Roll: Ecuador's gamble with the U.S. Dollar

16:24 Ecuador’s Law of Economic Transformation, which made the U.S. dollar the nation’s legal tender, has lived up to its name by any measure. Since the adoption of the dollar in 1999, the country’s economy began rising from the dead and today the population of 15 million has never had it so good.   [...]

Short Hair, Big Heart: Hair donations for kids with cancer

16:19 Unlike most people who think of how their next haircut will look, Paula Espinoza thinks about how her haircut will look on someone else.   [...]