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Cosa Nostra: A family story written on the wall and baked in the oven

17/Mayo/2013 | 11:58

Together, the walls of Cosa Nostra are a record of how a family home became a family restaurant.   [...]

SUR: Re-defining the Argentine Grill

12/Abril/2013 | 22:00

Though Sur is now the scene for events and tastings it remains true to the most important part of Argentine dining: the meat.   [...]

Le Petit Pigalle: Same place, new faces

04/Abril/2013 | 19:25

A young French chef marries a local Ecuadorean cook and together they run a small French restaurant on the dodgy side of the city’s tourism district. This is Le Petit Pigalle.   [...]

Swiss Bistro: Swiss cuisine in a place you never expected

04/Enero/2013 | 13:55

Baños has always been the out-of-the-way destination for international tourists visiting Ecuador. Now it offers out of this world cuisine by two countrymen who have figured out a formula that works not just for the tourists, but the locals as well.   [...]

Foie Gras: From Ancient Egypt to Ecuador by way of France

21/Diciembre/2012 | 15:17

Throughout its history Ecuador has had a well-documented political and culinary interaction with France; it seems, in fact, one often goes with the other.   [...]

To the coast and back: The obvious secret of the success of El Esmeraldas Restaurant

03/Diciembre/2012 | 15:45

Traveling and childhood are most favorably recalled by the single most important, daily event of our lives: eating. What we take away from both experiences – one, the anchor of our identity, the other, part of the net we cast as we redefine that identity – is the memory of the flavors that keep us afloat.   [...]

Ecuador Enriched: Fine dining in the middle of the world

23/Noviembre/2012 | 15:01

Following the example of its southern neighbor, Ecuador is beginning to seriously promote and position itself as a culinary destination.   [...]

Mister Bagel: Breakfast and More

23/Noviembre/2012 | 14:49

Bagels have a long and interesting history dating back to at least the 17th century. But, what makes these donut-shaped breads most interesting in Quito is that only one establishment – Mister Bagel - has been making them for 20 years, offering an unmatched dining experience in the capital city.   [...]

Los Troncos: Still the same great parrilla

09/Noviembre/2012 | 16:45

Quito is continually under construction and renovation, adapting to the city’s every-changing needs. But along Shyris Avenue, Los Troncos Restaurant looks, feels, and tastes just like it did when it opened nearly two decades ago...   [...]

The Finest seafood in town

08/Noviembre/2012 | 15:28

Isabel la Catolica Street has come to be considered one of the hipper, upscale restaurant districts in town in recent years. So it should be no surprise to find a restaurant whose name embodies the spirit of the neighborhood: Fine.   [...]

Pekin: Surprisingly authentic every day of the year

29/Octubre/2012 | 13:38

In a competitive world where bragging rights often go to the first or the biggest, sometimes we tend to overlook the most authentic.   [...]

Culinary Tourism: How it looks is just as important as where it comes from

29/Octubre/2012 | 13:34

Ecuadorian cuisine is a rich blend of local and foreign products and techniques that have melded together for almost five centuries. Few people understand this mixture as well as Carlos Gallardo.   [...]