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High tide in Ecuador: The growing popularity of surfing in Ecuador

12/Abril/2013 | 21:57

Surfing has gained great momentum in an unexpected region of the globe: Ecuador.   [...]

Palmazul: So perfect is the experience, even the sun is guaranteed

04/Abril/2013 | 19:22

In hindsight, the success of Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel and Spa seemed ordained. Its poignant location in San Clemente, a mere black dot on a coastal map, has made it less a destination to discover than a getaway now planned by thousands of beach goers each year.   [...]

Overnight in Old Town

01/Marzo/2013 | 12:14

By now, virtually everyone in Quito has strolled along the quaint cobblestone street known as La Ronda in the city’s historical district. You have probably enjoyed a drink or dinner at one of the neighborhood’s many bars or restaurants. Or maybe you purchased a gift, saw an art exhibit, or listened to live music. But have you stayed overnight?   [...]

The new face of Carnival in Quito

05/Febrero/2013 | 09:33

Carnival time in Quito has acquired a new dynamic.   [...]

The Ecuadorean Train: Steaming back to life

05/Febrero/2013 | 09:28

Though they are marketed as tourism “excursions,” the pastoral trips along the Ecuadorean Railway, which first began more than a century ago, are probably as much an adventure today as they were then.   [...]

Amrita: Revitalize & Restore

21/Diciembre/2012 | 15:12

We know a place where you can experience some of the greatest flavors in Ecuador: chocolate, coconut, coffee, honey, wine, and grapes.   [...]

Piedra de Agua:Finding health from within the earth

03/Diciembre/2012 | 15:41

It takes an engineer to effectively unite mud, water, rock, wood and glass in a way that is attractive to others.   [...]

The Land of Volcanoes and Haciendas

03/Diciembre/2012 | 15:35

Though it is called the land of volcanoes, and its greatest opportunities are best discovered through the tour company of the same name, visitors to one of the hemisphere’s most majestic national parks might best remember it as the land of plenty…plenty to do, that is.   [...]

Ecuador Enriched: Fine dining in the middle of the world

23/Noviembre/2012 | 15:01

Following the example of its southern neighbor, Ecuador is beginning to seriously promote and position itself as a culinary destination.   [...]

Casa Ceibo: More than just a jewel

23/Noviembre/2012 | 14:57

Ecuador’s leading coastal resort, Casa Ceibo Boutique Hotel & Spa, has been coined the jewel of Manabí. Hidden along the Spondylus Trail, a tourism initiative that celebrates Ecuador’s wonderful coastal attractions, Casa Ceibo sits like an undiscovered pearl, found only by those who know what they are looking for: exquisite, coastal luxury.   [...]

Discovery & Health: Medical Tourism in Cuenca

23/Noviembre/2012 | 14:54

Every week this newspaper shows you many reasons for coming to Ecuador, not the least of which are: Galapagos, Andes Mountains, Amazon Jungle, food, adventure, history, culture, even retirement.   [...]

Galapagos Family Fun (Blog Winner)

23/Noviembre/2012 | 14:44

Congratulations to Jane Golden of Cuenca for her winning essay/blog about why she wants to visit the Galapagos Islands. Her essay is featured here today. We want to thank all of the contestants who submitted an entry. The success of our contest has encouraged us to engage our audience more as we promote Ecuador every week as a tourism destination. And regardless of whether we are hosting a contest, we always welcome your comments about our coverage and promotion of Ecuador. Write to us at TodayInEc[email protected]. We would love to hear from you.   [...]