El Quinde Tienda An embodiment of Quito

28/Febrero/2012 | 20:11


In the middle of November, 2011, Quito witnessed the reopening of the El Quinde Shop located in the heart of the central historical district, at the corner of Venezuela and Espejo streets.

The reopening was more than just a remodeling that provided better appreciation for the colors, forms, and textures of its products. With their strategic location as a tourism point of information and guide service, complented by a new logo and overall new concept, the Quito Tourism Office has positioned El Quinde as the "shop of the city."


When a visitor enters El Quinde he or she will be able to experiment with culture, tradition, customs, and activities of Quito, embodied in the crafts created by the best artisans and designers, in a space that has become a point of sale for their creations.


The visitor to Quito also finds services at El Quinde to complement their stay in the city: travel routes, tourism packages, cards and passports for enjoying the metropolitan system of museums, cultural centers, and even the Ecuadorian railway.


The concept of El Quinde, with all of its wonderful products, is also found in the Quito Tourism shopping island in the QuiCentro Shopping Mall.

For more information call 228-1904 / 228-3480 or email: [email protected].

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