Visitor´s Guide to Quito

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  1. Carolina Park – Home to Botanical Garden, Natural Science Museum, and Botanical Garden

  2. El Ejido Park – Home to Weekend Art Fair,

  3. Alameda Park – Home to Observatory

  4. Itchimbia Park – Home to Crystal Palace


1. Plaza Grande / Independence Plaza. Site of Carondelet, the Presidential Palace,  The Cathedral Church, and the Archibishop’s Plaza, and cattycorner to the Metropolitan Cultural Center, home to the Alberto Mena Caamano Museum.

Cathedral Church Tours: 930am-4pm, $1.50 adults, 257-0371

Alberto Caamano Museum Tours: 900am-5pm, $1.50 adults, 295-0762

2.  San Francisco Plaza. Home to San Fransisco Church, Convent, and Museum, the Chapel of Cantuña.

San Francisco Museum: Mon-Sat. 900am-5pm, Sun 900am-12pm, $2 adults, 228-1124

3. Santo Domingo Plaza. Home to San Domingo Church, Convent, and Museum.

Friar Pedro Gocial Museum: 295-2911


4. City Museum, Garcia Moreno 572 & Rocafuerte, open Tuesday-Sunday, 930am-530pm, Admission $3 adults, 228-3882-3

5. Compañía Church Museum, Garcia Moreno & Sucre, open Monday-Friday 930am-530pm,  Admission, $3 adults, 258-1895.

6. Miguel de Santiago Museum (San Agustin), Chile 924 & Guayaquil Streets, Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm & 2pm-5pm.  Saturday 9am-1pm, Admission $2, 295-5525,

7. San Diego Church Museum, Every day 930am-1pm & 230pm-530pm, Admission $2, 295-2516

8. Colonial Art Museum, Cuenca & Mejia streets, Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, Admission $2, 228-2297.

9. Camilo Egas Art Museum, Venezuela 1302 & Esmeraldas, Lunes-Friday 9am-1230pm, Admission Free, 257-2012.

10. Casa Del Alabado Museum of Pre-Colombian Art, Cuenca 335 between Bolivar & Rocafuerte, Tuesday-Saturday 930am-530pm, Sunday 10am-4pm, Admission $4,

11. Maria Agusto Urrutia Museum, Garcia Moren 760, Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Weekends 930am-530pm, Admission $2, 258-0103.

12. Capilla del Hombre (Chapel of Man), Lorenzo Chavez Ea18-143 & Mariano Calvache (Bellavista-El Batan sector), Tuesday-Sunday 10am-530pm, Admission  $4, 244-8492,

13. Ecuadorian Natural Science Museum, Carolina Park, Monday-Friday 8am-1pm, 2pm-430pm, Admission  $2, 244-9824

14. Yaku Museum of Water, El Placer Street Oe-11-271, Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm, Admission $3, 251-1100,

15. Central Bank Museum – Casa de la Cultura, 6 de Diciembre & Patria, Tuesday-Friday, 9am-4pm, Admission $2, 222-3258

16. Anhalzer Valdivieso Foundation Museum.  Colon E10-53 & Caamaño (Olga Fisch Tienda).  Monday-Friday 9am-7pm. Free Admission.  256-3085

17. Mindalae Museum.  Reina Victoria & La Niña (corner).  Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm. Admission $3, 252-7240


18. La Ronda Street, Historical Center, liveliest Thurdsay-Sunday after 6pm.

19. Junin Street, home to 3 more museums: Architectural Museum, Manuela Saenz Museum, and National Watercolor Museum.

20. Panecillo Monument, Pancillo Hillside, Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm, Friday-Sunday 9am-9pm, Admission $1.

21. Rumipamba Archaeological Site, Mariana de Jesus & Occidental Highway, Wednesday-Sunday, 8am-430pm, Admission Free,

22. Artisan Marketplace, Jorge Washington Street between Reina Victoria & Juan Leon Mera, Open everyday 10am-7pm.

23. Botanical Garden, Carolina Park, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, Admission $3.50 adults, 246-3197,

24. Vivarium, Carolina Park,  Tuesday-Sunday, 930-530pm, Admission $3, 244-9824.

25. Cable Car - TeleferiQo of Quito & Volcano Park, Cruz Loma – Slopes of Pichincha Volcano, Everyday 8am-8pm, $8.50 roundtrip cable car ride, 222-1996

Quito Eterno (Historical Tours), Hotel Real Audiencia, Bolivar & Guayaquil Streets, 228-9506,

Ciclopaseo, Bike Ride Through Quito, Amazonas Avenue, Every Sunday!


Wake up to 2011 in Quito with a fresh cup of some of the world’s greatest coffee.  Ecuador is a producer of specialty coffee whose aromas and flavors can be tasted throughout the city.   Follow this short coffee trail for seven great places to savor some of Ecuador´s fine specialty coffees:

Café Cultural Tianguez – San Francisco Plaza (below atrium), 295-4326,

Café Galletti – J. Carrión E5-40 & Juan Leon Mera, 25-7361,

Ethnic Coffee – Amazonas & Robles, 290-6849,

Galeria Ecuador Gourmet–Reina Victoria N24-263 & Lizardo Garcia, 252-7361,

Nocion – Foch E8-57 & 6 de Diciembre, 254-5139,

Este Café –Av. Amazonas N32-135 y La Granja (near El Jardin Mall), 225-1212,

La Liebre Video Café – Gonzalez Suarez 822 Edf. Cruz del Sur, 381-8131

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