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Guayaquil is modern city full of activity for both visitors and residents.  Parks, plazas, museums, historical districts, and boardwalks create a chain of attractions and activities in Ecuador’s largest city Visitors will find more than enough to do no matter how long they decide to stay in this beautiful coastal city.


1. Malecon Del Salado A boardwalk along the Salado Estuary forming a family-friendly corridor in the area of Avenue 9 de Octubre offers the following attractions:

  • Baquerizo Moreno Plaza and Exposition Center: Considered the center of Guayaquil´s cultural zone, the plaza houses the exposition center, with a translucent cube design.

  • Writers Path: A public space commemorating five writes from 20th century Guayaquil.

  • Music Plaza:  A guitar shaped plaza where outdoor concerts are held.

  • Health Plaza, Green Gardens, Seafood Pier: All interconnected as part of the Malecon, the area offers peaceful walkways, observation of natural species and plants, and seafood dining.

  • Sail Bridge: Fiber optic cables create the illusion of a sailboat at night

  • Student´s Boardwalk: A walkway boarding the estuary and the University of Guayaquil.

  1. 2. Malecon Simon Bolivar (Malecon 2000). As one of the principal attractions of this port city, the Simon Bolivar Boardwalk is 3km of activities and attractions, including:

  • Crystal Palace:  Formerly known as the Renovated South Market it now housed temporary exhibitions and events.

  • Olmedo Plaza: A large esplanade built around fountains and a statue of Guayaquils first mayor

  • Malecón Shopping Mall: A variety of shopping with food court, designed in a nautical theme.

  • Civic Plaza: Defined by the semi-circle rotunda, it is also near the Clock Tower and Obelisk to the Gloriso Dawn Monument.

  • Playground for children, Exercise Zone, and Gardens, including the Pre-Columbian Plaza and Bromeliad Plaza, and Neoclassic Plaza.

  • IMAX Theater: 180 degree dimension movie theatre showing educational films.  Located near Malecon Blvd and Loja Streets.  Schedules and shows vary.  Admission $5 adults.  Call 256-3078 for more information.

  • Simon Bolivar Cultural Center: A museum housing working areas such as theater, dance, music, cinema, painting , sculptures, archeaologyc, anthropology, and literature.  Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm.  Admission $3 adults. 230-9400, ext. 311.

  • Anthropological & Contemporary Art Museum:  The museum includes a library, shops, food court, bookstore.  Admission Free.

  • Guayaquil History Museum: Located at Malecon and Loja Streets.  Monday-Saturday 9am-130pm & 4-8pm.  Admission $1.50 adults.  256-3078


3. Las Peñas. Historically one of the most important neighborhoods in Guayaquil, its more than 100 houses reflect the architectural style of the 18th and 19th century.

4. Santa Ana Port. Next to Las Peñas neighborhood, the port includes the restoration of the old shipyard building, with more than 7,500 square meters of walkway, public spaces, and gardens.  Visitors will find restaurants, a brewery and three museums:  The Beer Museum, Julio Jaramillo Music Museum, and a museum dedicated to Guayaquil´s two soccer teams, Emelec and Barcelona.

5. Cerro Santa Ana. A hillside where the city was originally founded.  The 444 step walkway to the top is lined by shops and restaurants.  At the top, Mirador Plaza El Fortin has a lighthouse, chapel, and museum, all overlooking the city.


6. Nahim Isaias Museum. Located in the Administration Plaza (Pichincha & Clemente Ballen Streets), the museum contains more than 2000 works of colonial art.  Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.  Sunday 11am-3pm.  Admission $1.50 adults.  232-4182.

7. Presley Norton Museum. An archeaology museum with a permanent exhibit entitled, “Life and Customs of the Settlers of Ancient Ecuador.”  Located in an old manor house (Villa Herlinda), it is located at 9 de Octubre & Carchi streets.  Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. Admission Free. 229-3423.

8. Municipal Museum.  Archeaology, History, Colonial Art, and Modern Art.  Located at Sucre & Pedro Carbo.  Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5pm.  Admission Free.  259-9100.

9. Casa de la Cultura. Prehistoric gold works, and archaeology. Located at 9 de Octubre 1200 & Pedro Moncayo.  Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am-3pm. Admission $1 adults. 230-0586.

10. Fireman Museum.  Old Colon Plaza, next to Las Peñas.  Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.  Admission $.75 adults.  230-8565.

11. Naval Museum.  Government Palace, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, Admission Free.


12. Historic Park.  Also called Malecon 1900 re-creates the look and feel of Guayaquil before the devastating fire of 1896.  A wildlife zone offers animals and plants native to the area.  Located along Via Samborandon-Esmeraldas.  Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-430pm.  Admission $3 adults. 283-3807.

13. Forestal Park.  A large recreation area for children, this park is an arts and events plaza and home to the Civic Center.  Located between El Oro & Venezuela Streets.  Open daily 6am-730pm.  Admission Free. 234-4394.

14. Seminario Park / Iguana Park. Home to hundreds of iguanas living freely throughout the park.  Located at Clemente Ballen & Chile Streets.  Open dailoy 6am-10pm.

15. Plaza del Centenario.  Located at the intersections of Vélez, L. de Garaycoa, Victor M. Rendón, and Pedro Moncay Streets.  Open daily 6am-10pm.

16. Administration Plaza.  Pichincha Street between Aguirre and Diez de Agosto.  Open daily

17. Plaza San Francisco / Rocafuerte. 9 de Octubre & Pedro Carbo streets.  Open daily, 24 hours.

18. Pedro Carbo Park.  Pedro Carbo Street between Córdova & V.M. Rendón.  Open daily, 24 hours.

19. Navy Park / BAE Calderon Park.  Eloy Alfaro & Cañar Streets.

20. Kennedy Park.   Ave. Del Periodista & 3rd Street.   Open daily 6am-10pm.

21. Lineal Park of El Salado.  Avenue Carlos Julio Arosemena Km 1. Open daily 6am-10pm.


22. Cathedral Church.  Located on Clemente Ballen between Chile & Chimborazo.

23. City Hall.  Located on Malecon between 10 de Agosto & Clemente Ballen

24. Cemetery.  Julian Coronel & Pedro Menendez Gilbert Avenue.

25. Government Palace.

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