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Along the emblematic view of the Tomebamba River Bank – a place where identity and history meet – sits a remodeled house from the 1950s and a special place where some of the most distinguished artists, designers, and artisans meet to demonstrate their creative processes.


Conceived as a cultural center for the promotion of the arts, “La Esquina de las Arte,” or the Art Corner, is where artisans produce their works using ceramic clay, textile, wood, precious metals, stones, and glass.


The Art Corner, apart from being a creative space, is also an art gallery and commercial center that allows visitors to purchase the hand-crafted objects at their own pace, and also enjoy one of the city’s greater restaurants and coffee-ice cream shops. And for special events, larger than the ordinary displays of creativity, the Art Corner houses a 150-seat auditorium, home to social, cultural, artistic, and even corporate events.


And next week, the Art Corner will be hosting its bi-annual Festival of the Arts with a three-day schedule of special events and displays from April 13-15.  More than 50 exhibitions will be showing their works. Live music and performances will be offered throughout the day, and entrance is free.


But the great thing about the Art Corner is that when the specially invited guests have left, what remains are the permanent shops and galleries that make it the must-visit place for contemporary craft in Cuenca every day of the year. Among the great galleries and shops are:



A place where art and artisan craft cover a magical senses, bringing together being and primary identity – the genesis. Enjoy ceramic clay, wood, and the energy of form and color - the source of original creations. 


Eduardo Vega: Cerámica

Juan Guillermo Vega: Cerámica

María Augusta Crespo: Cerámica

Ernesto Jaramillo: Madera

Telephone: (07) 283-1174



An Ecuadorian company dedicated to the investigation, preservation, cultivation, reproduction, and commercialization of orchids and ecological tourism, Ecuagenera offers an extensive variety of orchids such as cymbidiums, phalaenopsis, cattleya, and the exotica Vandas, Odontiodas, and Oncidiums, among literally thousands of other native and hybrid species.


Purchase orchids at producer prices with quality guarantees and care and maintenance instruction for all their plants. Though they have locations throughout Ecuador, President Jose Portilla invites you to visit their Cuenca shop in the Esquina de las Artes the next time you are in town.





“Joyas del autor,” are the custom designed pieces of art made by designer Tania Francisca, a graduate of the Design Faculty at the University of Azuary in Cuenca and the Polygraph Institute Zecca Della Estato, “Escuela del arte de la medulla,” in Rome.


The creations of TANIAFRANCISCA are identified as having their own language and autonomous innovation – a unique artistic proposal, innovative designs, and quality.  Her jewelry leaves a footprint in geometric movement, related to the urban city environment.


Telephone: (07) 2828722 / 093770869




“Artes del Fuego,” or Art from Fire, is a place where design and creativity are a fundamental part of the beauty of art in glass.  The creator, Ivonne Perez, has developed, since 2004, innovate and creative work in her pieces and in the “vitrofusion” technique where she fuses glass with wood.

And in her secondary line of jewelry, Perez uses Lamp working , glass-blowing techniques which she applies to the creation of jewelry and glass pendents combined with silver.


The manual processes are fundamental characteristics in the elaboration of these pieces, which have been submitted to high temperatures by means of a glass oven, to give shape and fix the created effects, converting them into artisan crafts with exclusive quality.


Ing. Ivonne Pérez Moscoso

Teléfono: (593) 7-2807144/082879117



Pure Art is a workshop that since 1996 has specialized in the creation of unique objects. It is a place that is truly multi-faceted. Their products cover the gamma of artwork, fine artisan craft, furniture, decorative accessories, clothing, and exclusively patented complements.   But they also reach into other areas offering photography for artists and models, mural paintings for institutions, and recreational furniture by special order.


The works of Pure Art have been on exhibition in Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, Russia, Spain, the United States, Japan, France, and Austria.   They maintain high quality standards and exclusivity in their products and services. Each fabricated article at Arte Puro is unique in its class.

Azucena Vintimilla & Gonzalo Arce

Telephones: 092212711/094076489

Workshop: 4033924/4034608



An award-winning painter who captures the vibrant energy of the Ecuadorian light en her landscapes of the ocean, sky, and mountains, Miriam Drake offers a gallery space in the Art Corner for all visitors to get to know.



Traditional and contemporary art and artisan craft from different regions of Ecuador are found in teh Artes del Barranco Gallery. Exclusive lines of clothing and textile accessories, 100% handmade from alpaca, cotton, and synthetic fibers; interior decoration and wooden gardens; wrought iron and aluminum; decorative and utilitarian artisan crafts; complementing all of the artistic offerings are a variety of organic, Ecuadorian coffee and chocolate products.


Valeria Moncayo

Telephone: 095325386 / 095490982

Facebook: artesdelbarranco



The Boutique Ecuad´arte S.A. has its beginnigns in the Hotel Oro Verde of Guayaquil from more than 30 years ago – a gallery that showcases the immense variety of souvenirs and folklore pieces from recognized artisans and national designers.


Creator Madeleine Hollaender offers a space in the Art Corner with a palette of artisans of excellent quality and design. Ecuad´arte S.A. is the only representative of the KARFFANY line in Cuenca, the prestigious designer from Quito, Jacqueline Muñoz, offering a great variety of wool clothing, baby alpaca, silk, cotton, and other natural materials.


Madeleine Hollaender.   Teléfono 072 – 823279/09062442



A social and cultural investigative project, Kinara, aims to recuperate traditional techniques and processes that are near extinction.   They offer unique objects, elaborated by true artisans who possess a traditional culture found among the richest of the Americas. Techniques preserved over centures and aesthetic values offer life to the Kinara collections.

Diana Sojos de Peña, 07-2831118 / 099978966






A family Enterprise dedicated to the prepration of artisan, gastronomic products using organic, natural, and fresh ingredients with the strictest quality control.


A new concept in the coffee-ice cream shop, Chococream fuses the tradition of coffee with the freshness of ice cream, giving a variety of flavors and textures with a unique touch. All of this in a modern and attractive site that is also traditional in so many ways – the Art Corner, with a view of the Tomebamba Riverbank.


Cecilia Peña Andrade

Andrés Rodas Peña

Monday to Saturday, 9h00 a 20h30 / Sunday, 9h00 a 14h00

Telephone: 098248329 / 2823422




Open since 2008, Vino & Olivo has converted into one of the city´s culinary references and is a meeting point for a select and loyal clientele.


With a varied menu that reflects the extraordinary fusion of aromas and flavors of a traditional Spanish and international kitchen. Among its many recognized plates are the “jarrete de cordero en salsa de naranja,” “salmón en salsa de dátiles,” “risotto negro,”  paellas, helados de hierba luisa y deliciosas tapas. And of course, they have a grand variety of wines from their cellar.  


Visit this privileged ambiance with a view of the Tomebamba River.


Dra. Miriam Silva

Xavier Amoroso



Ciudad Cuenca

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