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Taking a city tour in Quito has never been difficult, but recently it became much easier and much more enjoyable through several new public and private initiatives as well as some well-known private initiatives.


The city of Quito has just launched what is certainly their greatest tourism initiative in recent years, perhaps ever: The Quito Tour Bus.


The Quito Tour Bus is actually three double decker buses (each seats 80 passengers) that run a three-hour route through Quito making eleven stops at some of the principal attractions of the city between Naciones Unidas Boulevard and the Panecillo hillside between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The cost for a day pass is $12 and passengers can get on and off as many times as they wish during the day and throughout the city.


Chivas have their place, to be sure, but riding atop the Quito Bus is legal and much more secure. And with its affordable price the Quito Bus Tour takes the best and removes the worst from traditional tours in Ecuador's capital city.


For those who been there and done that and seen the city numerous times, or for those who even gerw up in the city, a new service offers a way to re-discover and savor Quito. 

The Casa1028 is a new, private initiative offering gastronomic tours of the Old Town Quito. Customers can enjoy one of two tours: Noches de Leyenda (Legend Nights) and Tapas & Vinos (appetizers and wine) where the beauty of El Centro es enjoyed with great food and drink.



9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Seven days a week

$12 adults, $6 children

Purchase passes: El Quinde Shop, Palacio Municipal (Venezuela & Espejo), Botanical Garden, La Carolina Park, Galeria Ecuador Gourmet (Reina Victoria N24-263 & Lizardo Garcia), or on the bus.



Reservations: 255-9918 or 099972958

Cost $79 noches de leyenda

Cost $45 tapas y vinos


Ciudad Quito

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