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Añangu: Showcasing Yasuní National Park

08/Septiembre/2011 | 15:14

By LANCE BRASHEAR The Napo Wildlife Center (NWC), a wildlife refuge and resort in the Yasuní National Park in the western most region of the Amazon basin, is one of the most successful jungle lodges in Ecuador.   Their success is due in large part   [...]

Meeting Ecuador's largest tourists

05/Julio/2011 | 10:59

BY LANCE BRASHEAR  Josefina came to Ecuador in 2002.  She returned in 2004 and over the course of a month toured the central coast of Ecuador in Machalilla National Park and visited Salinas.  She came back again in 2005.  Though we can say Josefin   [...]

Hacienda Manteles

16/Junio/2011 | 16:54

 BY LANCE BRASHEAR  It seems that no matter how amazing, some destinations simply get overlooked more than others.  Ecuador is perhaps more diverse than any country on the continent with it's four regions (Galapagos Islands, Coast, Sierra, Amazon   [...]

The Founding of Cuenca

09/Junio/2011 | 15:22

Santa Ana de los Cuatros Rios de Cuenca was founded by the Spanish on April 12, 1557, but the dazzling Inca city of Tomebamaba preceded it by more than 75 years. Even before that, however, this large well-watered Andean valley was the center of the powerful 1,000-year-old confederation of Cañari, who called it Guapondelig, or “Plain Wide as the Sky.”   [...]

Who Needs Rio? We got Napo, Mindo, and Galapagos

09/Junio/2011 | 11:43

BY LANCE BRASHEAR  If you have seen the hit movie Rio, an animated film involving two endangered, blue, macaw parrots, you were probably awe-struck by the colorful birdlife that inhabits Brazil.  Unless, of course, you live in Ecuador.  The   [...]

Isabela Island

02/Junio/2011 | 09:26

BY LANCE BRASHEAR One of the biggest surprises of Isabela Island is that it is not only the largest island in the Galapagos chain (four times larger than Santa Cruz and, also, just slightly bigger than the U.S. state of Rhode Island) but it is les   [...]

The Seventh Paradise

30/Mayo/2011 | 08:40

BY LANCE BRASHEAR Finding comfort in the cloud forest is challenging for some people.  The forest is always humid due to the rain and mist.  The weather is hot, though it can cool off with the  reduced sunlight from the thick foliage.  If done cor   [...]

Five Star Luxury in Ecuador

19/Mayo/2011 | 13:37

By LANCE BRASHEAR Ecuador, with its geographic richness and exotic appeal, is an exclusive destination for many travelers who demand exclusive accommodations, of which, there seems to be no shortage these days.  Just in the past few years l   [...]

Hacienda Abraspungo: Exploration & Escape

28/Abril/2011 | 18:30

By LANCE BRASHEAR If you were to look for a point of departure, equally accessible to the major cities of Ecuador – Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Ambato - yet secluded enough to offer a break from the urban landscape, where would you go?  There is   [...]

La Ronda: Patroling the past

28/Abril/2011 | 18:17

By LANCE BRASHEAR The Ecuadorian poet Hugo Aleman once said, "Undoubtedly Calle de la Ronda symbolizes the absolute bustle of disoriented humanity."  He knew La Ronda when it was a nest for bohemian activity and a gathering of all walks of life.    [...]

Semana Santa in Quito

28/Abril/2011 | 17:39

By LANCE BRASHEAR  There are a few events every year in Quito that bring hundreds of thousands of people together: Ecuadorian Independence (August 9-10th), the Founding of Quito, or Fiestas de Quito (December  6th), and Semana Santa, or Easter Hol   [...]

All Trails Lead to Ecuador

20/Enero/2011 | 16:48

By Lance Brashear We know that American poet Robert Frost, in choosing between two paths, took the road less traveled and that made all the difference, for him.  For the traveler wishing to discover Ecuador, there are more than just two options an   [...]