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Napo Wildlife Center: Journey to the edge of the Amazon

16/Septiembre/2011 | 09:52

By LANCE BRASHEAR  The Yasuní National Park, located in Ecuador's Orellana Province,  is part of the Amazon basin, a  vast, multi-layered world of flora and fauna that is truly difficult to grasp because of its size, biodiversity, and the many mys   [...]

Añangu: Showcasing Yasuní National Park

08/Septiembre/2011 | 15:14

By LANCE BRASHEAR The Napo Wildlife Center (NWC), a wildlife refuge and resort in the Yasuní National Park in the western most region of the Amazon basin, is one of the most successful jungle lodges in Ecuador.   Their success is due in large part   [...]

Who Needs Rio? We got Napo, Mindo, and Galapagos

09/Junio/2011 | 11:43

BY LANCE BRASHEAR  If you have seen the hit movie Rio, an animated film involving two endangered, blue, macaw parrots, you were probably awe-struck by the colorful birdlife that inhabits Brazil.  Unless, of course, you live in Ecuador.  The   [...]

Napo, Sumaco, and Yasuni

29/Diciembre/2010 | 16:49

By Lance Brashear Originating from the foothills of the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes Mountains and ebbing 885 kilometers eastward  through three countries, the Napo River winds through one of the most ecologically diverse regions of the world t   [...]